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Helping People Overcome Dental Anxiety

I’ve found the majority of our patients come to us with some degree of dental fear. I strongly believe half of my career is providing the best dental treatment for each patient; the other half is helping each work through their anxiety.

By offering comfortable, patient-centered care, really listening, and watching body language, I’m able to provide reassurance and encouragement. When a patient tells me they didn’t feel any discomfort and are looking forward to coming back, I am happy.

I think each person we meet has his or her own strengths. The best way to improve myself is to observe and learn from each person I meet. I love hearing new and interesting life stories. We serve a diverse group of remarkable people and I look forward to building strong relationships with them.

Being a dentist is about helping people. Giving someone a confident, beautiful, and healthy smile improves their confidence in personal and professional situations. Getting a person out of dental pain and helping them develop a healthy mouth, improves their oral and overall wellness. As a dentist, I serve our community and love every moment of it.  Dr. Cindy Du

Education and Continuing Education

Dr. Du is a lifelong learner. She believes her patients deserve the highest level of modern, gentle dental care that improves their lives. By seeking out continuing dental education courses, she remains current on new technologies, materials, and techniques. Dr. Du is an active member of the Northwest Chinese Dental Association Study Club.

Personal Life

After growing up in Inner Mongolia, China, Dr. Du moved to Bellevue, WA when she was 18. She and her husband, Dr. Joseph Szabo, live in Bothell, WA, with Leo and Landon, their young boys. The family also has two dogs, Cocoa and Mocha, who are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

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